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It's been a while again since I've posted. We had a cold March and I don't know if I'm getting old or if my new stent hasn't replenished my circulation, but I'm not a fan of the cold anymore. Haven't wanted to work on the shark and have been waiting for my mechanic friend to clear his schedule for my timing belt project. Didn't want to have the shark disabled and have him call to say to bring it down. After a couple more delays on his part, I was able to take it to his shop last Thu morning. It didn't take him long to tear it apart (I got a call from him on Thu afternoon and he had all the old stuff off) and a Fri afternoon call saying it was done but they wanted to keep it to see if there were any leaks. Tue afternoon I got a text saying it was ready. Couldn't find anyone that late to help me pick her up, so made arrangements to get her Wed morning. We had never talked money, but I was expecting the charge to be around $2000-2600. It was $1400. Very pleased with that, so patience is a virtue. I asked if he worked on AC and he said yes. I need the system converted to R134, so that'll be next on my "I can't do" list.

After lunch I put in a bottle of techron, a full tank of gas, and went on a 90 mi drive. I think (hope) I have a fuel injector that's clogged and hopeful a bit of driving gets it open. Was temped several times before I took her in for the TB change to do a drive, but thought about how mad I'd be if the belt snapped while I did my drive, so I resisted.

And now the weather has turned warm. I'm more motivated to work so hopefully progress comes quicker. Only thing is my PCA activities and golf leagues are also coming out of hybernation, so I have a busy calendar.

I was thinking about taking her on a fun run we had scheduled for this Sat, even tho the int is still torn out, but the weather for Sat is cold & rainy so we cancelled the event. Guess that'll give me a few more hrs to work on her.
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