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Originally Posted by 10/10ths View Post
….but when new, a Boxster was still $40,000 to $65,000 in 2004. I bought my 2004 Boxster S “50 Years of the 550 Spyder Edition” in 2015. I paid $28,000.
I believe my original paperwork said my 01S with some special interior package was 68k when I got it in 2014. I paid 21[/B]
Originally Posted by 10/10ths View Post
But how many people want to buy a $10,000 Porsche knowing that they are an IMS away from a $30,000 repair?
The whole reason I lost my interest was because of the engine and transmission. First few months of owning it, 2nd gear was completely gone. I already forgot but just to tear the trans apart was a huge bill in itself. Then the engine takes a dump 1 month after I got my title in the mail from paying it off.
Originally Posted by 10/10ths View Post
It scares away the shade tree mechanics
No shade tree mechanic here but I legit don't want to rebuild the M96 and have trouble paying for the rebuild of the G86. I really don't want to get rid of it, and wish that my business would just take back off after the past 2-3 year BS that killed it so I could restore/rebuild mine. But that's not in the cards. Its all a money thing and not having enough.
Originally Posted by Javi Cooper View Post
Anytime I have a question like that I post on FB (as much as I hate their format).
I personally cannot stand FB but its the only decent way to communicate with the people I know now. I always will think Forums are far superior when it comes to a thing like information sharing of a vehicle. Sure you can still "search" and go back through posts on FB. But its not as easy or forward about it. Forum, as long as its active, its a easy to navigate full blown memory bank. And with how old these cars are, I bet any question I could have, possibly has been asked and is readily available for me to read people talk about it, debate it etc.
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