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Javi Cooper
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Moderation here sucks. New members are having a hard time joining (I think I made a post about it in here). Mods need to approve new member's requests to join and I saw in another forum a few members talking about trying to join this forum and their requests going unanswered for months.

On top of that, a forum where you can't post links to shops and businesses other than the forum owner's is going to be lacking on info and member participation. Anytime I have a question like that I post on FB (as much as I hate their format). There are always new photos, products, builds, shops, projects, events, problems, repairs, etc. to talk about so forums don't simply die after all questions have been supposedly answered. Right now I'm rebuilding my suspension and would like to talk about Glenn Yee Motorsports' excellent strut rebuilding service but I'm pretty sure the post would get censored
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