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Well sureÖ

Ö.but when new, a Boxster was still $40,000 to $65,000 in 2004.

I bought my 2004 Boxster S ď50 Years of the 550 Spyder EditionĒ in 2015.

I paid $28,000.

If my engine grenades, itís a $30,000 bill. The car isnít worth that much.

My 986 is THE most expensive 986 they ever built.

A lot of the early 986ís are selling for less than $10,000 today.

But how many people want to buy a $10,000 Porsche knowing that they are an IMS away from a $30,000 repair?

It scares away the shade tree mechanics

Again, a large number of these cars have been abused and passed from failed owner to failed owner over the past 25 years. Years of bottom feeding have thinned the herd.

Time marches on and the forum is dead because the market for these cars has dried up.

Porsche sells about 3,000 Boxsters a year in the USA now. The entire sports car market has collapsed. The death of this forum just reflects what is happening in the car world in general.

People just donít buy sports cars anymore. Especially convertibles.

Pile on the internet and Uber and texting and online dating instead of drive-in movies and only 8% of the population able to drive a manual transmission, et al, and here we are.

It is what it is.
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