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i get the arguments about the kids moving to facebook or reddit, or that the car has run it's cycle, but i'm on other forums for things long past their due-date and they are still active. reddit and facebook are cool but impossible to search or thread properly - works for sesame street syndrome kids and that's about it. yes the 986 is an older car, but the older it gets the more it needs fixing and folks will be looking to find out how (those who thought they were getting a cheap porsche until they tried to fix it).

really this forum should be booming, teeming with muppets asking what a deviation is, or what oil to use because the flaps doesn't sell the prosche stuff.

it's gotta be moderation issue - rennline is fascist it its moderation but still going strong so it can't be a few blocked urls - every site does that to support sponsors. i think the troglodytes killed this place.
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