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Time marches on….

The Miata forum started dying after the NC had been out a few years.

When the ND launched, the forum completely died.

All the “Fast & Furious” Miata owners grew up, got married, and had kids.

The 986 has reached “Porsche Classic” status and with that, the cars have become the bottom feeders for low income Porsche and sports car perspective owners.

For lower income folks who want a Porsche, you can choose a 944, 924, or 986.

Post Covid, the 996 and even 914’s are getting too expensive.

With the 986 just bouncing along at the bottom of the market for over a decade now, all the kids have bought them and destroyed them, and left them for dead on the “Buy here, Pay here” car lots and You Tube garages of the world.

The 986’s that are left are either basket cases, or well cared for cars that the owners don’t want to part with.

Anything in that middle area is going to end up on BAT.

So this forum is dead. There aren’t any 986’s left for lower income folks to attempt to keep running.

Not without a lot of heartache, anyway.
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