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Originally Posted by steiner240 View Post
What state is the car located
It is located currently in Belen, New Mexico. I am willing to load it up on a transport if the price is right. I really don't want to give it away but I understand its condition to some people. I see a potential race car or fix for someone's totaled Box, someone else sees a junker.
Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
New Mexico, Just south of Albuquerque. Text the number in his post, he's not on the forum often these days.
Thank You Sir. I try to refresh my Page as often as possible. Its just opposite of what my interests are these days so I forget to refresh often.
Originally Posted by PorschePepper View Post
Where are you getting transport from 500-1000 cross country for a non running car? Sounds ridiculously cheap.
I normally get quotes from tons of people on Hotshot groups. I've shipped through A2Z and they quoted me 500 to Texas from New Mexico and 800 to Michigan from New Mexico for this vehicle specifically. I did ship a running project vehicle for 1k but the original quote was for 825, and I needed it delivered sooner than the original quote date so I paid a lil extra. Quotes always vary from company to company and driver to driver. I can get 5 different quotes from the same company and its all dependant on time and date and different drivers.
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