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Another update on this one.

I had no choice regarding the Bank 2 tensioner in the end. The pressure line bracket for the power steering makes it impossible to access the tensioner. So out came the AC compressor, PS fluid drained from under the car, PS reservoir out and hardline (plus bracket) off. Oh, and letís not forget the intake pipe that had to come out to access the reservoir. Terrible design for access to this one component.

I then spotted that my timing for Bank 1 was also off for whatever reason, so I swore a lot, and off came the valve cover and cams removed in order to protect the valves whilst I rotated the engine to TDC. Not sure which TDC it is, but I guess it doesnít matter (Iím thinking that the spark is determined by the camshaft position sensor). So I now have all four cams removed (and labelled properly), and looking forward to a complete re-time.

I have since tackled the IMS and RMS - both went very smoothly. Although the tensioner for Bank 1 separated into two pieces when I removed it. I also found a 20mm x 8mm chunk of tan coloured chain tensioner guide sitting in the bottom of the chain housing when I took that valve cover off. So I reckon Iíve caught a problem before it caused a much bigger one! The chunk looks like the lip from the crank case side of the tensioner guide. So thatís going to be replaced, too.

So Iím on the rebuild now and looking forward to driving the car, not laying underneath it. Certainly learned a lot about these engines in the process though!
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