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Originally Posted by piper6909 View Post
If you do find one, I'd try to find out what caused it before you put a new one in. It looks like a short or a circuit overload from some source caused that kind of damage. And maybe your radio is a casualty of the same event. That could be a clue as to where to begin your investigation.
Yeah, I agree, I`ll try not to fry the new one instantly. I will look around for modifications and check the actuators, perhaps one got stuck. I don`t think that should overload the controller such that it fries though, it should just throw an error message. As for the radio, the little fuse in the back of it is blown, so something was going on there too... To me it seems something was not working well and some attempts were made before me to fix it and it all went south. I just don`t know what...
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