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I mentioned in my last post that I found 2 pairs of wires under the pass seat area I thought were for the pass door (2 speakers per door), so I connected some speaker wire to them and attached them to the radio.

1st wire pair activated the big speaker in the door. Figured the 2nd pair would be the 2nd speaker. Then I'd have to find the driver side wires. Except when I connected the wire to the radio, the big speaker on the driver's door activated. Hmmmm... Have no idea where the tweeter wires are for both sides and I have no compunction to take the door panels off to track them down. So I wired the speakers in ea door in parrallel. Probably not the right thing to do for max sound, but it works and now I have single front wires for the amp.

Decided on Sun to advertise the old stereo equip on CL and FB. Mon someone from Chicago wanted to buy the radio. Got it packed and shipped. Tue someone wanted both amps and he was going to meet me at the local sheriff's office. All I have left is the sub woofer and box. If I can get that sold, I will have basically paid for my new radio and amp.

Now I need to decide where to put the crossovers and amp. Initially I was going to mount them in the trunk area, but don't want them getting in the way if I throw a set of golf clubs in the back. So I kept thinking and came up with the idea of putting them in the spare tire area. It didn't come with a spare, but neither did my Box or Cayman, so why not? Only thing I have to be careful of is allowing the battery door to swing open enough to gain access to the battery.

I looked at the area and it looks like everything will fit IF I stack the amp on top of the crossovers. Began by cutting some cardboard half moon template that I transferred onto some balsa wood. Adding 2 2" walls should give the crossovers enough room to then support the amp. And it appears everything will just fit..

Here's the beginning of the half moon floor and the 1st wall installed.

Here's the 2nd wall added and test fitting a crossover between them. Added some vent holes in the walls to allow heat to escape.

Then test fit the amp and it fits fine. Love it when a plan comes together.

Now I need to be sure the test fitting in the trunk is still good. So I dropped it into the well and tested the battery door. No problemo. Test fitting the crossovers.

Plopping the amp on top. No problem there either.

Have to solder the crossover wires and run some perm wires to the trunk for the front speakers.

But I think I'm supposed to take the shark in on Mon for the timing belt and other jobs. So tomorrow I'll charge up the battery and clean out the int in prep for Mon.
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