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Originally Posted by blue62 View Post
So first things first
Generic O2sensors are well known for their non compatibility with Porsche systems.
All four codes are pointing to the same thing: This is how it is described in the Bentley Book.
"Short to ground/below lower limit/lean mixture threshold."
So basically three possibilities.....but sense you have used generic brand sensors I would suspect an electrical issue with the sensors......the short to ground.

So first replace the 02sensors with Bosch.....
They developed the first automotive O2sensors so they know what they are doing.
Then go from there as a good starting foundation....

If you eliminate your cats and post O2sensors you will likely always have a check engine light on unless you find a work around..So if you have an OBDII issue you will not know it because the check engine light is already lit.

If you want to learn about "fuel trims" or O2sensor signals and how to read them and how they are related to each other. Go to youtube and look up "ScannerDanner" he is probably one of the best on youtube for teaching automotive sensor diagnostics. And automotive diagnostics in general.
That will allow you use the Durametric to much greater potential.
Thanks again for the feedback.

I'll throw the old ones(Which are Bosch) back on and see what happens. If the codes stay I'll order one new one to move around and see if the codes go away. Don't want to spend the $ for all 4 in the hopes it makes the car run better. But, if this is a dumb idea, please let me know lol!

Screw it, just ordered 2 new Bosch units. Will report back.

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