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Originally Posted by blue62 View Post
If you do a little research on how the Durametric or rather "Porsche" portrays or interprets fuel trims you can use the Durametric to tell which O2 sensor or sensors are causing the codes.
Not hard to do you just have to understand Porsche's fuel trim methodology and the relationship between O2 sensors and fuel trims.

If you have access to an OBDII scanner that shows fuel trims as a percentage rather then the Porsche Durametric method it is a little easier to interpret the fuel trims.
fuel trim data can be very useful in diagnostics of engine performance (running) issues.

Although switching sensors around to see if the signal or code follows a sensor is a common practice it is not a good one. It can cause other issues.
Everything on these cars and any modern day car is electronic so they can be tested with a scanner or Oscilloscope or something as simple as a Digital Multi Meter.

I take it that if your not getting a check engine light but your seeing codes....So your looking at pending codes???? What are the codes specifically.????

How many miles on the O2sensors????
They tend age or the signal from them tends to begin to slow down as they age.
Usually starts around 100000 miles

Yeah, I had to google how to find fuel trims on the durametric lol!

The 2 precat O2 sensors are brand new, but not Bosch. Basically bought them for troubleshooting purposes. No idea if the others have ever been replaced but the car only has 75k miles so I doubt it.

Yes, the codes are pending.

They are:

O2 sensor ahead of Cat conv. Cylinder (1-3)

O2 sensor ahead of Cat conv. Cylinder (1-3) short circuit

O2 sensor ahead of Cat conv. Cylinder (4-6)

O2 sensor behind of Cat conv. Cylinder (4-6)

I don't need emissions so in a perfect world I could just get rid of the O2 sensors and the cats.
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