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Originally Posted by Didier View Post
I have also changed the front engine mount, still some vibrations and difficulties to change gears. Did you change the transmission mounts? If you changed then where did you end up and where did you buy?
Nope, I got stuck in putting on Íhlins R/T, rear adjustable toe links and solid bushings all around plus new wheel bearings all around, "Pedro bar etc". Time flies..

So this spring I plan to:

-Put on new brake rotors and upgrade the pads to something more track worthy
-Put on some side skirts (996.2 Gt3 look) This one is NOT performance oriented, pure looks..
-Put in a lithium battery, I ordered one from Lithium Next.
-Hopefully get on with changing transmission mounts, still haven't choosen what kind.
-Looking into strut braces, will this be the year?
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