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Since we last left off, my shark dash needed to be put back together. Got the dash binnacle and steering wheel back on.

Moved over to replace the center console, without the new radio. There's a big hole where the old double din radio was. The new radio is single din. I'll need to figure out what to do with the extra space. I looked for replacement parts on ebay and prices are amazing - $400 for a center console and $200 for a bezel. Ouch! Will use what I've got for now.

I continued putting the driver's side back together, inserting the seat and carpets. I may need to remove some panels once I install the new stereo, but she's ready for the TB apt. I left the pass side undone.

Then I got an email from my mechanic. He's got a bit of a situation that I won't go into, but he wanted to delay my apt until the 13th. OK, I've got stuff I can work on until then so I'll turn my attn to wiring the stereo.

Let me start by saying it's been at least 35 yrs since I've messed with installing a stereo, and things have gotten way more complicated since then. So I'm not an expert. There are three speakers in ea rear panel. I have a 4 chl amp so I'm wondering if I'll need to wire the speakers in parallel and began chasing the wiring set-up on the pass side. All the wires go into this device and there's a second one on the driver's side.

Obviously it says it's a crossover. Not sure what that is so I go to Google. It's so old there aren't any pics of it but it looks like it could save me some work. I go back to the car and track the wires that go into it. They link up nicely with the tweeter, midrange, and woofer. The open slot (IN slot and has wires in the pic) is for input wires pos and neg. I wonder if I hook up my old radio and jumper wire from the RCA speaker wire to the crossover if I'll get sound from the 3 speakers? So I get my old radio out of the pile of wires & equipment and jumper wire it to the battery. Then jumper wire from the RCA cable to the crossover. The radio fires up but I'm not getting any sound from the speakers. I unscrew the end of the RCA cable and connect my jumper wires to the place where the wire connects to the end. Still no sound. I get my multimeter out and it shows no current at the RCA cables, but I've got a cheap meter and not sure if I trust it.

I stop for a bit and then think maybe I should replace the crossover with a single speaker. For some reason I still have the dash speakers from my 1st Porsche - a lapis blue 2001 Boxster S. I pull one of the speakers from the box and connect it to the jumper wires from the RCA cables. No sound. No other way to test with this radio as it only has RCA cables for output.

I pull my new radio out of the box and wire it up using the speaker wires it comes with. I jump it to the old Box speaker and then connect it up to the battery. I hear sound. I jumper to the pass crossover and hear sound out of all 3 speakers. YAY! Hook the jumper wires to the driver crossover and hear sound from them! YES! This is going to save me a ton of time and wiring when I put the new amp in. I'll use the crossovers as my 2 rear channels. Here's what I had concocted for my test:

Now I have to figure out the door speakers. There are 2 speakers per door. I may have removed the wires to them in my purge. I'll do some testing tomorrow. But for now, another success.
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