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Well this is proving to be a pig of a job!

Iíve got my cam timing tools now and have locked the two affected cams at, what would be, TDC. The valve cover is now off, which was pretty tough due to access.

My plan is to remove the Bank 2 tensioner to allow me to take off the exhaust sprocket, which will create enough slack to allow me to then feed the chain over the intake sprocket by three links. Which Iím planning to do by rotating the crank forward at the same time. Iíll know Iíve succeeded when the timing marks line up on Bank 1 and the crank locks at TDC.

Whatís really thrown me now is access to the Bank 2 tensioner. Itís ridiculous! My AC has been discharged for ages (bad leak under the car), so Iím going to try and remove the two feed lines and take the compressor out for access. On the three chain cars the position of the tensioner is different, so thereís a bracket holding a hard line to the power steering pump thatís blocking access to the tensioner.. That needs to come off, but the AC blocks that. The idea of messing with the power steering reservoirs puts me off, which is the official way of doing it, so seeing as my AC isnít pressured Iím taking a short cut.

Iím disappearing down a rabbit hole with no guarantee of success, but Iím persevering and writing up where I can in case this is useful reading to anyone in my predicament in the future.
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