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OK. Nothing. It's not a hugely popular part. So what I now request is opinion and, more specifically, a recommendation between my two choices.

Polluted I have become by the plethora of information and opinions gleaned from reviewing products and opinions from upon this and other forums.

I'm looking at two products. The reason I have selected these parts is because I don't want to go the Porsche part route... nor Rein.

The two parts are the WEVO SS mount for the 98 Tiptronic and the Function First transmission mount upgrade. From $310 to $325 for the pairs.

I've read about the vibration and harshness. I can handle a little vibration, as I am the primary driver.

I'd like to move quickly on this repair, for I don't want to suffer the con$equences associated with the failed mount.

Opinions and thoughts welcomed. Thank you.
1998 Porsche Boxster
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