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I'm still looking for theTiptronic transmission mounts for the 98... preferably with the bracket installed.

I saw this part, absent the bracket, on Pelican:

Looks like a deal for the "pair" (I've contacted Pelican/chat for conformation.

I'm finding the parts numbers confusing as well... as I've looked on eBay... but confused.

Exactly which parts do I need? I'm sorry... I just find it confusing.

Will these mounts work on the Tiptronic? The price is right... but r o c k a u t o doesn't show a listing for the automatic. Are the parts interchangeable?

https://www.********************************.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=7209272&cc=1317203&pt=8756&jsn=401&_nck=Ekt6BqBF1pwlXdx0gYlm1esw98pF26vehMm%2FGG3C%2F l2QOXSJubi7WSpUmUSdg3OxWOs2f5z9h422EONy36O0PjCuaad DqI1r86y%2FvJ1lBqxeBNhI9mMX8H1x0fHFzmF%2BKG7YKD8h7 56k3BtrsE6fARMKaXNp7eQFiprUry%2F3aNaQKjQsmXoMDilrL CMYgOIsMiuO7dm4JKqdyjUkyeP2%2BGfRTCain3PB154f95HKl o3EOQbf%2F9tVAcEyROgBXsexYrWz7sNLaS9ASsBi7a1tkHDMo fjVP%2Bb%2FGl%2BxwMZQPm0b%2BsxpNtEB8UqiFjW9w2IQ6zd wkNZhdBfTkmarrkFCB9%2FI0AImKMcx7WMCARYsLteuZoLK2Lj 2B79RREPw8RyJ

The X's should read r o c k a u t o, no spaces.

Thanks fellas. I appreciate any input.
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