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Originally Posted by ~jeff View Post

My 2001 986 Boxster S just turned over 60,000 miles today, and I decided that it's time to change the original water pump as a preventative maintenance matter.

So what else should I change with it? I bought the car with low mileage and use it as a daily driver, and I don't mind spending a little more money to replaces hoses, clamps, etc that would be logical to replace with the pump.

Any recommendations are appreciated, and thanks in advance!

Get a good strong flashlight and and your favorite beverage.
Now start at the top of the engine or underneath.
Take your time look at everything you can.
Keep looking until the beverage is gone.
(sometimes I go through two)
Visual inspection will tell you if a hose or belt or clamp needs replaced.
Visual inspection will tell you if you have any oil leaks.
Visual inspection "can" tell you if you have a suspension component issues.
Visual inspection will tell you more about your car then we can.

Check the six axle bolts (per side) for proper torque.

Take the car for a drive.
How does it feel?
How does it sound?
How does it smell?
How does it respond?

One of the things you can't see is the motor mount rubber bushing.
but if it needs replaced you can feel the engine rock forward when you go from a stand still to just rolling.
You can also feel it in the gear shift handle when you just take off.
If it has never been replaced it is most likely shot.

So do a good visual inspection and use your senses.
The car will tell you what it needs.
You just have to know how to listen.
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