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Originally Posted by 986tate View Post
1.5 degrees rake is pretty typical for a Porsche track car with just enough fuel for the session.

Iím at 131mm front and rear at the factory measuring points with a mostly stock S suspension. With higher spring rates you could probably go lower by 20-50mm. Adjust for understeer/oversteer preference (thatís where it would be nice to have a real race shop to help you).
Tate, when you say 1.5 for a p car, are you talking about 986s specifically? I could see 911s benefiting from the rake given their weight distribution being rear heavy. My experience with prepping 986s is also based on corner balancing, which is the process of adjusting the ride height on all 4 corners until you get near perfect weight distribution. It takes out all the guessing and is a well proven strategy.

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