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Originally Posted by harryrcb View Post
if you got lucky you can fix this in the car, reinstall the1-3 cam holder and the crankshaft pin, then remove t he 4-6 oil scavanger pump, loosen the 4 bolts holding t he cam gear in place and try to turn the cams from the other end to line up and if they do tighten the bolts on the cam gear. If you cannot get it close then you will have to remove the cam cover and rotate the cam gear to get the chain back in the right spot. you can download the 986 service manual to look up on how to accomplish that, but it can be done.
Thanks for the advice - very much appreciated!

Iíve been reading all day and I have a feeling that Iím going to have to lock Bank 1 and crank as you suggest, remove the tensioner on Bank 2 (which is a bit of a pig), then the cam cover to hopefully move the sprockets on the chain. Assuming thereís enough slack, of course. Thatís all I can think, at least.

Just to check Iím not being an idiot, the slots on the cams are definitely all supposed to be vertical when the engine is at TDC?
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