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Cylinder 3-6 Cams Jumped Timing

Hi guys,

Long time lurker and always appreciative of the advice I get from this forum.

I have a 2004 986 2.7 RHD, 3 chain engine with 127,000 miles. I'm based in the UK, if that makes any difference.

My car was over-fuelling due to an exhaust leak in one of my cats. But seeing as I was going this far and faced with an alignment after removing the braces, I thought I'd keep going and do my juddery clutch, slack flywheel, RMS (I have a nasty leak) and probably the IMS (if I felt brave enough).

A friend of mine came over to give me a hand with getting the gearbox out and we stripped the clutch down to the flywheel. Unfortunately he rotated the crank using the flywheel bolts (totally the wrong direction for trying to undo the bolts, I would add, durr) and it's messed up the timing of Bank 2. His actions were associated with three clangs, which I'm pretty sure was the chain jumping on the IMS sprocket. All three tensioners were in place and untouched.

I've pulled all four caps from the camshaft ends and verified that the Bank 1 markers (front of engine) are bang on when the crank is at TDC. Bank 2 at the rear are consistently off of centre (to the left). I say consistently, both intake and exhaust are off by the same amount.

So I'm in a quandary of how to fix this. The engine does rotate via the 24mm crank pulley bolt, which is how I've verified that the timing is off. Didn't feel too difficult to move either, considering the spark plugs are in the car, so I don't think I've bent any valves.

Any help or advice would be massively appreciated, as I would love to have my car back on the road. I can take my time with it as I have another car, but I'm tight on space so the engine has to remain in the car.

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