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I didn't want to, but Wed I removed the steering wheel and binnacle. Figured I had to remove it to enhance my search.

Thu morning while laying in bed, I remembered 2 wires I clipped off that were under the steering wheel. Wondered if the ends that were left happened to be the same colors?

You can't tell from the pic, but there were 2 black wires that went into the yellow connector. The gold connector also had 2 black wires. BINGO!!! Now I wanted to track down the end I cut off. The wire coming out of the yellow connector was green, white out of the gold. I found the section I cut off.

The wire bunch on the right are the green and white wires I cut. They're pinned into the connector that wasn't plugged into anything, so shouldn't have been an issue cutting them. But something interesting half way up the wires.

A jumper wire connecting the green and white wires. This completed the circuit back to the 2 black wires these came from. Except now the circuit is broken since I cut those wires. So I cut the yellow and gold connectors off and spliced the wires together with a jumper wire (didn't want to solder them together and find out that didn't work). Put them together and plugged the instrument panel back in.

Fingers crossed...

Will solder it up tomorrow and put the binnacle back in. My wire removal project is completed!
Looks like I'll be able to make the TB / WP apt on the 27th - if I can get the 9" of snow off the rear driveway.
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