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My initial plan was to leave the driver's seat in and not mess with the wires yet. I had an apt to get the TB / WP replaced on 2/13. Didn't want to pull the driver's seat and tear into a major project with only a wk to get done. Then I get an email from my mechanic friend saying he was running behind on a cpl jobs ahead of me, so he wanted to push the date back to 2/27. OK by me.

So I removed the driver's seat (myself) and here's the rat's nest I found.

As a starting pt, this is what my pile looked like Fri at lunch, after I pulled the wires below the seat
but before I pulled the wires to the front.

I found the connections under the seat for the alarm were disconnected, so it appears someone has disarmed the alarm. I discovered the river of wires running towards the gas pedal went up to the windows and sunroof switches. Those were easy to remove. A 4th set of wires went up under the dash to an unplugged connector. Gonzo.

Now to turn my attn to the wires on the driver's left side. There were 2 bundles of wires from the rear and 1 bundle from under the seat. Most of the wires went up to under the dash to the unconnected connectors. 2 bundles went out the firewall to the front of the engine bay to the Clifford alarm and the radar detector. I started pulling the wires from the engine bay to the firewall, but the bundle took a detour to the left inner construction, thru the outside wheel area, and then into the driver's compartment via the firewall. This meant I had to remove the left front tire to pull the wheel well plastic to get to the wires.

I was going to town pulling and removing wires. Here's what my pile looked like late on Sat afternoon.

The wire removal was done! Whew! Felt very satisfying. Here are some after pics. Looks substancially different.

My hope is to work on wiring the speakers and getting wires to the amp and radio this wk, then put things back together on the driver's side so she's ready to drive to the apt. But then I realized I hadn't been following my rule of trying to start her after removing a set of wires. Last time I did that was after removing the windows / sunroof wires.

I connect the battery and flip the key. The dash lights up, then goes dark. Oh, oh. Ignition spins the motor but no start. CRAP! The battery sounded low, so I put the charger on it, hoping that was the source of my issue. After several hrs of charging, retried starting. Blank dash, no start. CRAP CRAP! Now I have to chase a short.

Stay tuned. Same Bat channel, same Bat time.
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