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Originally Posted by PaulE View Post
Nice, you've been busy!
Yes, it's been enjoyable to be back in the garage. The shark is in my basement garage and the driveway to it looks like this. Might not look like it, but it's entirely covered by 2" of snow / ice.

Only gets sunshine in the morning and the sun doesn't have much strength to melt anything then. We've had 2 days in the 50s and this coming week temps will be in the 40s, so our snow is disappearing. I'm not supposed to do snow shoveling since my heart attack, but I wanted to try helping the driveway today. I need to be able to get the shark out next wk for her appt.

I'd do 15 min of work, then rest for 90 min. Did 3 sets of work and got a chunk of the driveway cleared. Should be able to do a section ea day. The rehab nurses want me to do exercise on off days, so I'm trying to oblige. Being careful and listening to my body. Feel good tonight.
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