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Failed (mushroomed) lifters on M96 engines?

In Help Me DIY's (TTGator) recent forensic video on his failed 2003 2.7 Boxster engine he reveals that Jake Raby diagnosed the problem as a mushroomed valve lifter. According to Jake this is a common problem caused by an improperly machined camshaft. On cylinder one an intake valve lifter had broken and and the second one was about to fail.
The video is here, explanation is after 7:00 minutes:

I searched for information on this failure but found nothing... does anyone have more information? Specifically, what engines are affected? My assumption is that the problem would only be with the 3 chain engines. If 5 chain engines are affected I will have to pull the valve cover and inspect the lifters on the 3.2 that I am preparing for installation in my car.
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