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Rather than do a daily blow-by-blow, I decided to do several days work and report on it as a whole. Lots of cables and equipment removed. When we last left off, my passenger front seat area looked like this:

The silver canister below the seat was for the CD changers and has been removed, along with the wires for it. There remains 2 RCA cables still connected to the radio as well as a red twisted wire that's also conneted to the radio. New is a batch of cables that are for the GPS. I've removed the CD player for it and now the GPS wires left are to the display unit on the dash along with a power wire.

So here's what I started with:

The GPS monitor on the dash has to go. The CD player for it is below the glove box and is currently removed. Moving down the center console, the radio is a double din, so room had to be made for it since the factory radio was a single din. What they did was remove the ash tray and cig lighter and moved the ash tray to the side panel and moved the cig lighter to the glove box (what a great idea!). Then they moved the rear AC controls down to where the ash tray used to be. So some replacement parts will be needed, but nothing serious.

Here's a pic of the wires jambed into the console area with the radio still in. Pic is from the driver side with the consol carpet panel removed. Lots of extra wires behind the panel, but that's for later.

With the removal of a couple of screws holding the radio in, it was pulled out and RCA cables along with power plug removed. With it out, it was fairly light work getting the stereo cables out.

Then it's a matter of removing the rear AC controls and the HVAC unit. With a little more work, the center console can come out.

The center console section needed to come out to get to the GPS display. It was held on the dash with 2 bolts / nuts. Neither was easy to get to, but with some persistence they came off. Wth the nuts off, the unit lifted off the dash. Was disappointed with what I saw.

Didn't expect an massive swath removed from the dash. Was hoping for just a few holes. This makes things more "interesting". This was done to a perfect dash. Oh well, it's off and wires removed.

Now on to the driver's side. For some reason, one of the previous 2 owners decided to put a volt meter on the driver's side console carpet - probably because of all the extra wired systems wanted to keep track of what's going on. Horrible location that restricted your leg movement. It has to go.

I also discovered two toggle switches by the volt meter. Who knows that they go to. But they both have wires that need to be removed. I also discovered some addl devises that I think go to the alarm system. Regardless, lots of wires need removing. Here's the before and after.

There are some wires left that need to be tracked down and removed but I ran out of steam. Will work on that tomorrow along with removing the driver's seat to start with the removal of the alarm system under that seat.

When I got done, I reconnected the battery and she started right up.
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