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Originally Posted by Radman View Post
Maybe a vacuum leak?
If your referring to a vacuum leak as a possible cause of power loss under acceleration???
Probably not the cause of power loss under acceleration.
common vacuum leaks have there greatest effect at closed or near closed throttle.
Less and less effect the farther the throttle is opened.

The reason for that is:

As you open the throttle greater and greater amounts of (metered) air enter the engine.
While the vacuum leak.... be it a lose hose, cracked hose, or what ever remains the same size and can only allow so much (un-metered) air into the engine.
So the ratio of metered air to unmetered air changes as you open the throttle.
So the vacuum leak has less and less effect the further you open the throttle.

You could still have a vacuum leak but it is doubtful that it would cause power loss under acceleration. unless it is a huge leak.

If it is a vacuum leak associated with something like your evap system they can act a little differently.

If you going to try to fix your power loss under acceleration issue you need to fix "ALL" OBDII codes issues first.
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