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Originally Posted by ike84 View Post
If you're losing power under acceleration, the ECU may be pulling timing or going rich. The former can be caused by knock sensor activation, the latter may be from flipping to open maps if your O2 sensors are bad. Hopefully it sorts out with the planned repairs, let us know!

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The O2 sensors are narrow band O2 sensors.
They operate in a extreamly narrow band.
To accelerate (other than a very mild acceleration) the engine needs a richer mixture.
That mixture is outside of the O2 sensors ability to read.
So your DME/ECU fueling strategy will always go to open loop fuel mapping under acceleration.
It will do the same thing under closed throttle (deceleration) from higher RPM.
Why???? because the engine is on a lean mixture when decelerating.
That lean mixture is outside the narrow band O2 sensors ability to read
So it is very doubtful that your O2 sensors play any part in your power loss under acceleration.

Your knock sensors are activated by detonation or pre detonation in the cylinders.
Things like Poor fuel .....ignition timing off.... valve timing off... something that affects combustion or combustion timing within the cylinder.
Knock sensors are activated by sound within a frequency range not vibration.
So they (knock sensors) will not be activated by a stiffer engine mount.
Nothing external will activate the knock sensors.

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