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Fuel Gauge

On my '01S, the gauge is at 3/4 after about 75 miles. Because I do a lot of long distance road trips on back roads, I have to be aware of my car's range to make sure I don't get to the orange refill spot too far from a gas station.

The best mileage I ever got was 29 mpg on a 300 mile, non stop drive on I-80 through Nevada. Typical highway mileage is 24-26 mpg. Twisty road, aggressive driving is around 18-19 mpg.

With the base model, you'll probably see 1-3 mpg more than that. Just learn the range of your car under the most aggressive driving. Once you know that, don't worry unless you see a dramatic dropoff. My range, depending on driving conditions, is 270 to 340 miles.

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