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Originally Posted by PaulE View Post
I hope the plastic they used back then is better than what they used in the 986, that it hasn't turned brittle resulting in lots of tabs breaking off when you remove the panels!
According to my google search on how to remove the panel, there are metal tabs on the bottom. The only plastic snaps are 4 at the top of the panel that covers the area above the qtr window. So far, I've been able to pull the wires out by removing the screws from the lower tabs and pulling the wires past them. I'll still probably have to pull the panels when rewiring for the new stereo, but I'll save that for a later day.

Pulled the red wires on the driver's side out from under the panel and out of the carpet (had to remove 1 carpet piece in the rear seat footwell). A series of wires go under the seat while several go towards the front. When I reach under the seat, there appears to be a control unit for the alarm under there. May have to remove the seat to get to it. That could be an issue since I remember the seat from my 87 was quite heavy. May not be ready to lift that much weight yet. Maybe I'll only need to remove the seat bolts and fold the seat forward and not out. We'll see, will plan that out for the future. Will cont to pull the other red wires out but I imagine they'll head up into the dash.

This is interesting on the passenger side. In the 1st pic, the wires are speaker wires (there are still speaker wires left under the panel connected to the speakers). The speaker wires laying out of the car may have come from the amps. The black wires defn did and they head under the seat - probably to the driveshaft hump and to the radio. May need to pull the seat for these. But the mystery is the copper colored speaker wires. They go into the cover that hid the amp on my 87 S4. When I removed the cover, the wires went into a bundle that was plugged into the silver canister. It didn't look like the amp from my 87, so I figured it was something added for the aftermkt system. Except it had a 928 serial #. Hmmm... that's factory stuff. Google says it's a fan relay control unit - it determines when to open and close the vents on the front for aerodynamics. So why does it need speaker wires connected to it? Got a ques thread in on RL to see if they know.

I pulled more wires to the passenger front footwell. The red wires are alarm and head towards the center of the dash. The 2 black wires came from the amps and probably head to the radio. I'll pull the carpet panel on the trans tunnel and see if they're visible.

And to finish my session, I hooked up the battery and she started. So no issues yet. That might change when I start removing the alarm. That may not be too far down the road. Here's what the trunk looks like now. A lot of spaghetti is gone.

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