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Sometimes you have to go backwards before going forward. Had to pull the top portions of the rear seats out. Took a google search to figure out how, but they're out now. Have to take them out to take the qtr panel covers off. Now that the seats are out, I may be able to pull the wires w/o taking the panels off. Will churn that over for a day and decide on a plan of action.

Note the grille item between the seats. That's the rear A/C unit (Porsche was thinking about the ppl who had to ride in the back). The cover over the unit had to come off in order for me to get to 1 bolt for ea seat.

I found out those red wires are for the aftermkt alarm system that was installed. Have to be very careful that I don't disable the ignition when pulling these wires. The plan is to pull some wires, then see if the shark starts, then pull more wires and try starting again. If it doesn't start, then I know the last thing I did was the culprit.

These are mostly speaker wires, but there are some red (alarm) wires too. Must be careful.

So it may not look like progress, but now I have better access to the wires I need to pull. Onward and upward.
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