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Originally Posted by nuvolari View Post
Ok, it might take a few days as it's been raining here a lot.
Someone else posted how to jump the relay but I would still need some kind of power. I wonder what cheap and easy to carry battery might be available for this purpose. Maybe a rechrargeable power tool battery? Does anyone know? If so, please DM me or post in this Rennlist thread:
Not kidding about the rain and it seems that we have a lot more on the way (thankfully as we had been on a draught for many, many years)..

Regarding the battery (or power source), I saw in Costco a small (rechargeable) battery pack that claims to be able to jump start a car a few times it looks very portable (size of a book) and I am very tempted to buy one to take on my junkyard trips as many times you cannot determine the mileage of a car or to check if an electric component works or not before removing it, someone here may have one and hopefully share their comments.
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