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Originally Posted by thom4782 View Post
My 01S just had a horn problem. Horn worked with key out of ignition and stopped working when the key was in. Turned out there was a broken horn ground wire in the steering wheel. Once the wire was repaired, the horn works normally. Did you adjust the telescoping of steering wheel when replacing the ignition switch? My guess is this action led to my wire breaking.

Thank you. My 3-spoke steering wheel had the same horn issue, where it would only work when the ignition is off, with key out. I removed the airbag and saw that the ground wire broke off. I re-soldered the wire, and it is working now. The wire does seem somewhat worn, so I routed it the best I could to try to prevent strain to it.****

I investigated the motion of the wire as the telescoping function of the steering wheel is adjusted, and the wire does not move. I do not think adjusting the steering wheel puts any strain on the wire. The turning of the wheel could cause slight movements in the wire through. The clock spring is allowed 'play' in where it comes through the wire hole of the steering, so I think slight movements of the wire come about from turning the steering wheel. If it happens again, I will extend the wire slightly to relieve strain from it. None of the other wires seem to have any strain effects.
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