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Originally Posted by nuvolari View Post
... I'm not sure what Connector 3 connects? You say from the harness to the "bracket on the cylinder head" but I'm not sure what you mean exactly. Is it for the cam position sensor?
It is for the O2 sensor as I remember it. The wire that I need exits the wiring harness and goes to the bracket that is bolted to the cam cover where it is connected to the wire that comes up from the O2 sensor in the exhaust system.

Originally Posted by nuvolari View Post
Also, I posted a thread awhile ago in Rennlist forum about getting into the engine bay from the top when I find a car in the junkyard and you posted about getting the car into service mode manually. Did you mean with no battery power at all? Someone else posted how to jump the relay but I would still need some kind of power. I wonder what cheap and easy to carry battery might be available for this purpose. Maybe a rechargeable power tool battery? Does anyone know? If so, please DM me or post in this Rennlist thread:
I posted the relevant owner's manual pages to the above thread.
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