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Originally Posted by casioqv View Post
I did one application of the Nikwax Solarproof shortly after starting this thread, and want to follow up to say that it works absolutely excellent. I applied it with a spray bottle, and a small paintbrush, which I used to spread it around and apply extra coverage to seams.

I've done a bunch of long drives in heavy rain recently, and it still beads off (see photo). I really recommend this as a better alternative to the commonly used products because it doesn't have PFAS and it provides UV protection. I've also used it to waterproof a 20 year old tent that had lost it's waterproofing, which stayed totally dry through a rainstorm while camping.

Without running out into the cold garage to check for sure, I'm pretty sure what I've been using on my top is the 303 Fabric Guard. (It's been at least a couple years since I've done a treatment That's probably at least in part because this car is not very often in the rain.)

I've liked the results I've gotten with the 303, but, having said that, I am not opposed to switching for environmental reasons. One of the aspects that I've liked about what I've used up to now is not just the waterproofing but also the darkening effect it has. Kind of brings out the black of the top again. It's hard to tell from your pic—it may just be a lighting issue—but I'm not seeing that result. The restored 'blackness' that is.

In your it just a lighting issue?
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