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Originally Posted by ike84 View Post
If you're losing power under acceleration, the ECU may be pulling timing or going rich. The former can be caused by knock sensor activation, the latter may be from flipping to open maps if your O2 sensors are bad. Hopefully it sorts out with the planned repairs, let us know!

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I've replaced the MAF and it seemed to make a difference on the short drive I took it on. I have 2 of the O2 sensors but waiting on the other 2. I've had some error codes in the past that indocated O2 sensors or MAF.

I have a Durametric so may take it with me for a spin and do some recording. It's idled rough in the past as well. Beginning to think this is why the owner before me let it go lol! Just need some patience.

On the knock sensor, I do have a PowerFlex bushing for the motor mount. I don't think that would be enough to activate it and the car certainly doesn't feel like it's vibrating excessively at any point.

On the bright side, I am impressing the hell out of my wife with my mechanical skills lol! I was a nuke mechanic in the Navy, so I have the aptitude but she loves that I'm repairing the car myself vs paying someone else to do it. I can't do much these days due to neck and back issues, but at least working on the car is one of them I can do. It's therapeutic for me, after the f-bombs are done anyway.
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