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Originally Posted by Radman View Post
Took a buddy out the other night and under acceleration the car started losing power and then getting it back rapidly. A little embarrassing but thankfully the buddy is a car guy and understands **it happens with older cars lol!

I've had O2 sensor codes off and on since I bought it. I have a new MAF and 4 new O2 sensors to go with the CPS, control valve, and fuel filter to replace. Hopefully get that all done next week. If I still get symptoms I'll replace the fuel pump.

Realize to a certain extent that I'm just throwing parts at it, but, it's a 23 year old car and could stand to have some parts thrown at it lol!

I have also added a MB Quart 8" slim subwoofer behind the passenger seat. It really rounds out the sound. For a convertible, it now sounds very good with the top down which is all I could really hope for anyway.
If you're losing power under acceleration, the ECU may be pulling timing or going rich. The former can be caused by knock sensor activation, the latter may be from flipping to open maps if your O2 sensors are bad. Hopefully it sorts out with the planned repairs, let us know!

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