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Originally Posted by Brockster View Post
I have owned many cars, my first was a 65 mustang and many VWs which drove me nuts with maintenance. Last year my cancer required me to drive 150 miles a day on a treacherous but beautiful mountain road in order to get radiation therapy. I bought a 2002 Boxter and drove it hard every day for a month and a half. My local mechanic changed the plugs, put in new front brakes and changed all fluids. This car was so fun to drive and got me thru a rough patch so I rewarded it with a new top with a glass back window. Im keeping it. I have a blast downshifting into corners and driving with the top down on our scenic highways. Without all of the neigh sayers, I could never afford to buy this car or keep it. It cost me 1 month income. All of the American convertibles that I looked at for almost 2 times the price were beat to **************** and drove the same. Thanks again for the negative posts, keep it up. Ill keep my Porsche.
Good luck in dealing with your cancer.
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