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Took a buddy out the other night and under acceleration the car started losing power and then getting it back rapidly. A little embarrassing but thankfully the buddy is a car guy and understands **it happens with older cars lol!

I've had O2 sensor codes off and on since I bought it. I have a new MAF and 4 new O2 sensors to go with the CPS, control valve, and fuel filter to replace. Hopefully get that all done next week. If I still get symptoms I'll replace the fuel pump.

Realize to a certain extent that I'm just throwing parts at it, but, it's a 23 year old car and could stand to have some parts thrown at it lol!

I have also added a MB Quart 8" slim subwoofer behind the passenger seat. It really rounds out the sound. For a convertible, it now sounds very good with the top down which is all I could really hope for anyway.
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