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Originally Posted by Javi Cooper View Post

Quick detailers: NONE. DO NOT use them as intended, especially after your car has been paint corrected and coated. They do more harm than good.
I understand where you’re coming from saying this…but I don’t necessarily agree.

I have used Optimum No Rinse on many occasions, but I do so only under limited circumstances. I don’t use ONR when my vehicle is seriously dirty. It’s more a go-to when we’re talking about a car that’s not much more than dusty. And that’s an approach that’s worked well for me: I’m confident I’ve not done “more harm than good” in the process. Some pointers: Firstly, I DO have access to a hose and, as such, I do mist down my Boxster with a light layer of water before I use the ONR. I think that small amount of moisture helps with “lubricity” and reduces the potential for damage. Secondly, I always make sure to use a nice microfiber towel and keep the motions in a forward/rearward orientation to eliminate/minimize the potential for visible, owner-induced swirls. My Boxster, a 2001 model, was purchased by me in 2006, and I think the finish is doing very well for being over 20 years old. Notwithstanding my occasional acceptance of quick detailing..

I guess the other reason I opt for a product like ONR is the irritatingly common problem of bird droppings on the finish. So what does one do in that situation? Sorry, but life’s too short to do a FULL WASH every time a bird poops on my car. Out comes the ONR spray bottle (preceded, as mentioned, by a misting with water) and a dampened MF towel to do the quick clean-up. Sorry…but it’s worked well for me so far.
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