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The brands you mentioned on a scale of 1-10:

Adams: 7 - good stuff, especially their polishes
Meguiars: 6.5- not bad for mass-produced, OTC stuff
Chemical Guys: 6 - above average. Hit or miss.
Turtle Wax: 4 - good enough for a quick wash of your daily.

Want to get serious, check out anything made by Gyeon:
Wash (Bathe)
Tire cleaner
Tire dressing (Q2 Tire)
Trim restorer (Q2 Trim)
Prep (prepping between substances)
Iron remover
Etc etc...

If you'd like to try basic paint correction, Sonax Perfect finish. Coarse enough for removing most swirls but fine enough to leave a nice shiny finish. But you'll have to learn your way around a buffer first.

Also Sonax Plus for wheels. By far the best wheel cleaner I've tried.

For the best wax/polishes, Polish Angel. Easy to apply, long lasting, and spectacular gloss.

Quick detailers: NONE. DO NOT use them as intended, especially after your car has been paint corrected and coated. They do more harm than good.

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