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One done also here

Used the best from from two posts:

987 v 986 Air box
from The Radium King and
987 v 986 Air box
from scottmaggie

We have started according to the instruction in The Radium King's post, but we didn't bend the engine lid tab.

Rather we lower the engine a little bit according to the instructions from scottmaggie.
But again 6" or 15 cm is impossible to lower, the hoses start to "dislike" it after 3" or 8 cm. We unscrewed only 4 bolts in the front mount of the engine. It was enough for me.
I can't imagine to insert the 987 air box there with the left air distributor still mounted.

Don't forget you need longer bolt as mentioned in step 17 in scottmaggie's instruction, and also insert the blue rubber grommet from 986 air box instead of the 987 black plastic grommet for tucker before trying to fit the air box.

We were able to fit the Air Mass Flow tube when the air box had been bolted. No need to mount it on the air box in advance.

The K&N filter was also little pain to fit.

The rest slightly differ to the other posts here since I was fitting GT3 throttle body not the 987 one. The T-shaped intake plenum and the elbow part was 3D printed. Designed by Ben006.
More info here:
Intake plenum and 911 throttle body

After all mounted and 3 times checked all is connected back, I turned key to position ON for approx. 1 minute. Then OFF for another minute.
Then with fingers crossed we started the engine. The engine was able to idle without engine light and any fault code in the ECU. Strange...
The AF ratio was definitely too high because the engine was "shooting" to the exhaust. Unfortunately our multibrand diagnostic tool was not able to start the basic adjustment of the ECU and engine components.
ECU started to learn at the third start when I didn't let the engine idle but rev it just under 2000 rpm.

After 5 minutes there was standing perfectly idling Porsche Boxster S 986 with 987 Air box with K&N filter, 987 AMF, silicone hump hose, custom 3D printed elbow, short silicone hose, GT3 Throttle body, custom 3D printed intake plenum, OEM air distributors and OEM 3,2l engine . In addition long exhaust manifolds, OEM CATs, and sport mufflers. At that time without engine light or any fault code in the ECU.

All took 12 hours. Everything in the engine bay is super tight, nearly no room for hands and tools. Many times we got stuck because the hose refused to connect back or were finding from which spot and which kind of wrench from wchich direction to use to screw some of the bolts.

BUT Engine light came up after ca. 50 miles / 70 km on my way to tuning company. No limb mode just orange engine light.
Unfortunately they were not able to dyno the car because even switched off PSM the car refused to rev over 4000 rpm without massive loss of power.
Need to find someone with 4x4 dyno which can rotate also front wheels during measuring.
So confused I forget to ask what fault was there. They just done small adjustment to "fix" this error.

No special tune so far...

Anyway looking for any Porsche specific diagnostic tool because readiness for emission test is still not green. So I don't believe to these multibrand diagnostic tools anymore. Because they probably show only emission relevant DTC not all of them.

Boxster S '04
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