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Boxster 986 clutch

Hi Folks,

I love these kind of forums and thank you for letting me be a part of this one. So I just got a boxster recently. I love it. Its 2000, 45K on the clock and in good shape. To me the clutch feels too stiff and too long. The clutch was disengaging too close to the end of its travel for my liking (away from the floor). I bled the slave cylinder. Now the clutch disengages where it is meant to, down closer to the floor but it still has a very long travel and it seems pretty stiff. Previous owner assures me the clutch was replaced recently by an indy mechanic.

What should the clutch feel like on these? Is there any way to shorten the travel? Now that the clutch is disengaging near the floor like it should - there is a lot of dead travel near the top and its pretty uncomfortable and not to mention stiff. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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