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Update time... the 2.7l engine is installed and it started right up (I knew it would... I can say that now). I am putting the rest of the car together, got the exhaust and the diagonal bars etc. on today. Tomorrow the bumper cover will go on and then I am ready for a road test... except that the alternator is making a terrible noise. I broke a flange on the alternator that came with the car because the mounting bolt was totally corroded in place. I used another alternator that came off my ebay engine. I think I will have to pull it and replace the bearings, it really is loud and I'm afraid it will seize and cause mayhem with the accessory belt.
Also a couple of pesky oil leaks, one from my aftermarket oil pressure sensor (the oil drips down on to the exhaust so I have to fix that one) and the other is the left side oil scavenge pump flange. I will live with that for awhile, but I should be able to change the o-ring with the engine in the car.
Despite the oil leak the oil pressure gauge works fine, I'm glad I added that, makes starting an engine that I have worked on less stressful.
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