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Not sure if I mentioned that the engine that came out was seized, I hope to do more investigating when I have finished installing the 2.7l engine.

I ended up buying the Boxster S 3.2l engine mentioned earlier in this thread… it arrived today. I had a quick look at it, after removing the clutch and flywheel.
First surprise was that when I tried to turn the crankshaft it wouldn’t. After a moment or two of confusion I thought perhaps it was hydro-locked for some reason. I removed the spark plugs and it then turned… and cylinder 1 dumped a lot of oil on the ground. I hope that this is because the engine was turned on its side while there was still oil in it and the oil leaked past the rings. Seems to turn over normally now. Where is my borescope when I need it? (answer… somewhere in the garage… or the house).

First good news, the clutch disk is good so I don’t need to buy one.
First bad news… it is a single row IMS bearing.
Second good news… there is an LN IMSB installed!
Second bad news… I’m really not impressed by the engine removal skills of the recycler. Almost all the fluid lines are just cut, rather than disconnected, some wires were not disconnected so the connectors were ripped out. I will have to solder in some new connectors. Also the part of the oil filler tube that attaches to the engine under the intake manifold was broken off.

So the engine isn’t going to drop right in. Lots of work to prepare it, and do some maintenance.

Using the VIN of the donor car and the engine serial number I found a couple of things.
The donor car was a 2001, but the engine serial number indicates that it is a 2000... with a single row IMSB.
The LN site reports that the bearing was changed less than a year ago in Phœnix AZ. The car then had 123,000 miles (the recycler says it has 133,000 now). The Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit was installed, good for 6 years or 75K miles.
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