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Originally Posted by preppyr6 View Post
For anyone looking for a 987 MAF housing adapter sleeve (3.25" OD 3" ID) I found this on eBay that might help. The pvc-welt link wont work for us US folks (AFAIK).

Hope this helps someone. Im in the process of sorting parts for this upgrade now.
Initially, looking for a non-tune solution.

Does the 987 assembly come with a MAF sensor installed? I think that is what I understand.

I assume the 987 MAF and fitting comes off (with the special security bits) and the PVC sleeve slides in to reduce the ID to 3". A hole is needed in the reducer tube, and the 987 MAF and fitting is reinstalled? Assuming the 987 MAF assembly comes with a MAF installed, the connector plugs right in?

Later, I assume I can remove the reducer and push a 986SE tune on a 2003 986 S?
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