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Originally Posted by Homeoboxter View Post
... I was going to use the 3.2 intake though with the 3.4 cable operated throttle body with an added wire for the flap and a reflash of the DME. ...
That sounds like the best way to do it.

Originally Posted by Homeoboxter View Post
Btw, I vaguely remember you said somewhere you like the old 2.5 engines the most, now that I`m thinking swapping that out I wonder what you meant by that.
I enjoy both base and S, but for driving twisty back roads I don't need the added power of the 3.2. Just going out for the fun of driving - running through the gears and hearing the engine sounds from 4,000 rpm up - my 1997 2.5L was the best. For a long drive to get somewhere, I choose the '04 S.
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