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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Here's a thread I remember discussing replacing a 2.5L engine with a 2.7L:
1998 Boxster 2.5 To 2001 2.7 Engine Swap Upgrade

I think that what 'Erlinrys' did covers a lot of what you would do to swap a 3.2L in. I didn't think that the intake from a 2.5L would fit and seal to the 2.7L block, but he said that it worked.

Here's a pic I posted a while back comparing the 2.5L with the 2.7L. To put a 2.7L intake on a 1997 engine, I just had to drill a couple holes for the bolts to line up. In the parts catalog looks like the 2.7L and 3.2L use the same intake parts.

Also note that 2003 - 2004 engines will bring more complications. If you do it, stick with a 2000 - 2002 3.2L or do some serious rewiring to change to a DME 7.8.

I just remembered that 'truegearhead' swapped a 2.7L engine into his 1997 before he got into the twin-turbo 4.2L V8. In his, he simply swapped the cable throttle body onto the 2.7L intake (with some adaptation). That is probably the best and simplest way to go with the 3.2L except I'd want to look at a cable throttle body from a '99 3.4L 996.

PM truegearhead.... I'm bet he'd be happy to give some input.

Thanks, lots of great info in a very entertaining thread

I remember that picture of yours. I was going to use the 3.2 intake though with the 3.4 cable operated throttle body with an added wire for the flap and a reflash of the DME. This was at least described in a post that I read on Renntech, but the site is no longer available.

Btw, I vaguely remember you said somewhere you like the old 2.5 engines the most, now that I`m thinking swapping that out I wonder what you meant by that.
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