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Bought a 2000 Boxster S project.

Yesterday a 2000 S arrived in my driveway... on a flatbed. The car was at a local Porsche indie, the story being that the engine started to make a noise or vibration or both, was shut off immediately and towed to the shop. The oil filter was removed and there was metal in it so it was deemed an IMS bearing failure. I have not talked to the mechanic and the seller is not very savvy about things mechanical.

Other than the engine the car is in good shape with 169,259 KM (105,472 miles), Arctic Silver Metallic with a black interior. There is a small dent on the rear trunk lid but for the rest the body and paint are very good. It has leather seats, good worn condition. The tool kit is there and I was very happy to find the leather pouch with all the original documentation (I spent the evening looking through the various brochures and manuals... almost like buying a new car!). The tires are new and supposedly the suspension has been renewed.

The option list has some interesting stuff, although I don't know what exactly the options mean.
012 - SportDesign package
222 - Traction control ASR AntriebsSchlupfRegelung
224 - Traction control ABD Automatic Braking Differential (Automatic limited slip)
375 - 376 - electrical sports seats
413 - 18" 993 Turbo-look wheels, front 7.5" ET50 with 225/40 tyres, rear 9" ET52 with 265/35 tyres
680 - DSP Digital Sound Processing

The 18" wheels are gone, but the 17"s are in great condition. Are 222-224 an LSD?
The DSP doesn't look like anything I would use.

As mentioned in another thread, I have a spare 2.7 engine, also from a 2000, that I plan on installing, the 2.7 engine would be a temporary solution. Once the 3.2 is out I can have a look at it to see if it can be repaired. If that is possible it will go back into the car. If not I will sell off any useful parts and put the money towards buying a used 3.2... or... I may have a line on a 3.4. I need this project like a hole in the head, but I couldn't pass on it.
Arctic Silver 2000 Boxster S - bought with a broken engine, back on the road with the engine replaced
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