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Project 2003 Boxster 986 S 6-speed

Sadly my project has remained a project for way too many years (9?) with little love. It's time to take a massive loss and get rid of it to someone who will love her much better than I. I have lots of great parts if someone wants to part this out or take on my project. You can view some of my previous threads for more info as well.

My parts car donor was stolen and after 3 years of fighting with insurance and the shop the car was at, I'm just burnt out.

2003 986 S with 105,000 miles on it.
Because the airbags are deployed, the imobilizer will not all it to start. (If anyone knows a way around this, I'm all ears)
Frame and all bodywork have been repaired and is now straight. Front end is from a donor car.

Some of the premium parts:
BBS VIA 715kg wheels
997 LED bumper lights
Porsche OEM wiring plugs and adapters
Urethane 997.2 GT3 front bumper & splitter
New OEM hoses, radiators, clamps etc.
6-speed Manual

Because I've had this so long, I have over $20,000 invested in it, sickening!

Willing to let everything go for $5,000.

I also included photos of what it looked like before replacing the frame rails.

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